Sometimes you get stuck, or you have an idea you want to voice, or you just feel like having a chat. The Elixir community already provides several options.


Freenode is an IRC network that allows users to register and create public rooms around any topic they might like. There's been an #elixir-lang channel for quite some time now and it features many of the developers that work directly on Elixir itself. It's a great place to listen to Jose and the others talk about the implementation and evolution of the language, as well as ask for help. Another channel of note is #phoenix where you can discuss and get support for the pheonix web framework by Chris McCord.

If you're not sure about how to use IRC, you can try something like IRCCloud which will get you started with a lower overhead.


The elixir-lang slack group has been operating for a few months but it's growing in size very quickly. There's some crossover with IRC but the interface is much more accessible. The slack group is also home to chat for several of the global meetups, such as #london for example. Channels are centered around topics, but #general is a good place to start if you have questions or need help.

Mailing Lists

If you prefer something a little more passive you can always join the mailing lists. The language maintainers provide two, the core mailing list for updates and discussions around the language itself, including any features or patches. Or the talk mailing list for everything else related to Elixir.